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18:30Annie Rose

Today's post albeit a tad late in the day which is explained here is about as you can probably guess my Make Up storage and collection. Hopefully this will give you all some tips on how to make the best of the space you have.

Firstly, I use an Ikea desk as my dressing table because it saves space in my room and I never used my desk for work anyway.

Desk: Micke Desk  £60 from Ikea (find it here)
Mirror: Myken Mirror £10 from Ikea (find it here)
Red Candle: Strawberry Pie Scented Candle (find it here)
Cream Candle: New York Luxury Fragranced Candle £10 from Next (find it here)
Make Up Brushes: Real Techniques (find them here)
Brush Holder: Tea Light Holder from Next (old)

I decided the best place to keep books I borrowed or are relevant (obviously) on my dressing table because they look pretty and it's convenient. The permanent features are the Bobbi Brown Make Up Manual and the latest issue of Glamour Mag. (I have a huge list of style books I want for Christmas)

On to the make up storage. I use the main large drawer to store all my make up as it needs the most room. 

I keep all my palettes on their side so that I can what's what along with my bronzer/contour kits and my blushers. I keep my lipstick collection (see in detail here) in a small container again on their sides to keep them neat and save space.

In my extra eye box I have my mascaras, eyeliner, eyeshadows and eyelashes. 

Then I have my face box.

And finally I have my other lip products. 

The other side of my drawer contains my make up brush cases as well as my mini travel make up brushes from e.l.f (find them here). Then I have my palettes which are too high to be on their side and an extra perfume for when mine runs out (you can never have to much). Finally I have my most used make up bag and some face cleansing wipes.

All my make up boxes were boxes that things came in for example my purse or a gift box. Which makes them free and it's also recycling! Good for me! 

So that's it. That's my Make Up storage and Collection. 

Let me know if you want to see any more of it in detail like my lipsticks! 

Annie Rose XOXO

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