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The Best Fashion Advice || Top 20 Tips.

18:00Annie Rose

  So over the years I've accumulated a load of tips about Fashion and clothing and I thought I'd share my favourite ones with you. These are the main things tips I like to live by. I've gathered these from books like, The Glam Guide (x) and How to be Parisian... (x) as well as the fashion magazines I've had subscriptions to and bought over the last 5/6 years. On top of the advice I've received from my family and friends.

Ok, here we go:

1. Find "your" perfume. - Find that one perfume, that you fall in love with, that truly suits you and make it your scent. So that when people smell it, it only reminds them of you. 

2. Wear a black bra under a white shirt, like a musical note on sheet music. - This is directly from How to be Parisian... and I love this one. Mainly because most of my underwear is black and also because I think it looks great. 

3. Keep it simple, less is more, don't wear too much make up, too many accessories or too many colours. - The colours thing especially, I don't want a headache because I looked at your outfit. 

4. Don't fish for compliments. - It's tacky and annoying. If you know you look good, why do you need the compliment anyway?

5. Find the Perfect White Shirt - They go with an awful lot and if you buy one long enough, add a belt, congrats you've got a dress. And once it gets faded or goes a bit grey you can just sleep in it. 

6. Invest in good denim - it will last you years if you look after it. Also I've worked out I'm definitely going back to denim rather than whatever blend they've started making skinny jeans from. They don;t last nearly long enough. 

7. Don't buy into obvious trends. - Look at the trends, try on the trends work out if they suit you. 

8. Invest in pieces you wear a lot and that you'll wear for more than one season. E.g Staple skirts, jeans, white shirts, Little Black dresses. 

9. More money doesn't = Quality. - This is really important. A lot of companies use the same suppliers and the same factories and add different labelling. When you buy something look at the stitching if you can and the fabric, usually you can tell if something is going to last and sometimes it's just luck of the draw.

10. Pay attention to care labels. - You'll ruin clothes if you don't care for them properly.

11.  In Handbags and Shoes, go classic and neutral. - What I mean, is things that go with everything, and neutral includes black in this case, because it pretty much goes with everything. This also means you'll have to replace them less.

12. Don't say how much something costs or where it's from. - It's incredibly awkward whatever the cost, whether they think it's too much money, not enough, it can cause tension and general awkwardness. It also opens up to more judging than strictly necessary.

13. Don't radically change your look. - If you want a change, do it slowly, no one changes personality over-night. It also makes you look a little fickle, whether you mean to or not. 

14.  Always wear nice underwear and try and match it. - It will make you feel better, when you put it on, when you go to the bathroom and remember or even when you take it off.

15. Have separate underwear for your period. - This is really important. Make it more comfortable, softer and generally the kind that you can throw away and replace easily. Don't wreck good underwear.

16. Dress for you and what you like. Just don't wear it all at once. - We're not 5. 

17. Find things that work for you. - Find the right shapes, colours and materials that you like, and make you feel the most comfortable as well as flatter you the most.

18. If you really insist on wearing an outfit of just one colour, make sure it's different shades, so there's some depth and tone.

19. Fluorescent clothes look nice by a pool with a tan in the sunshine, but that's about it.  

20. Try everything on if you can, and if in doubt don't buy it.

Hope you like my tips! Let me know yours in the comments! 

Annie Rose XOXO

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  1. Great tips for that minimalistic wardrobe!

  2. Aw love these tips, especially number 9! I always find that some Primark pieces last longer than items of a more expensive brand :D I love your blog! xx

    elizabeth ♡ ”Ice Cream” whispers Clara
    (lets follow each other on bloglovin or instagram)


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