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My Favourite Book || Rizzoli & Isles Series

08:00Annie Rose

Hello again. So today's post is about my favourite book. Only I'm cheating slightly because it's a whole series... of 10 books... oops. I honestly love every single book in this series for their own individual greatness. Tess Gerritsen used to be a surgeon and so has this incredible detail in her writing.

Now I could pick out a specific book in the series but that would be entirely too difficult sorry. I have two key favourites in the whole series but even then there's two. Those two are Last to Die (Book 10) and Vanish (Book 5) closely followed by all the others.

 Last to Die is about a school of students orphaned by violent crime. The school is for emotionally traumatized students and is where Dr Maura Isles is currently visiting one of the students (who I'm totally in love with).

Vanish is about the sex trade and a woman waking up on the medical examiners table eventually taking a hospital hostage.

They're all about a Boston Detective Jane Rizzoli, her team, her family, and Dr Maura Isles and her romances and family etc. Hence the name Rizzoli and Isles Series.

I love this series because the characters are excellent. They have deep backgrounds and reasons for everything they do which makes them much more interesting to read about. Every single book is spine tingling, slightly scary and completely gripping.

Hence why she has the tag-line It's gory. It's gripping. It's Gerritsen. 

If you haven't already read her books then you're missing out. They're my favourites. Of all the crime novels I have read (which is a lot).

Annie Rose XOXO 

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