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Chelsea Boots || The Review

18:00Annie Rose

Chelsea Boots are what I consider a style staple this season. I wear them all the time. I've been trialing them in all kinds of situations. (Sort of on purpose.) Now new shoes can be a bit of an issue for a person like me. By a person like me I mean a person who has rubbish feet that get blisters ALL THE TIME. I actually need someone who'll wear my shoes in for me so that I don't get blisters. So with that in mind and the fact I have both brown and black chelsea boots here's what I've found...

On a walk through the woods: I got a blister. Inevitable really. But luckily I had plasters so we're all good. Other than that they were very comfortable to wear. I found they dealt with the difference in terrain well and I didn't feel the ground too much through them (if you know what I mean...) Also a plus my feet didn't hurt after I'd walked for over 2 miles on twigs, leaves, mud and stones.

Shopping: No more blisters. Completely comfy. Stupidly comfy. Still have their shape and look excellent with almost anything.

I have to say I love these boots. They're so comfortable and although I did get blisters (let's not talk about it anymore.) I've not stopped wearing them since I bought them. They're my go to shoe and I have actually found myself planning my outfit around the shoe rather than the shoe on the outfit. Which I've never done before. Well I have with handbags but let's not get into it.  I'm in love. With two very similar pairs of boots.

Style Notes:
Both go with jeans or skirts. But
Black Boots are better with darker coloured clothes.
Brown Boots are better with light colour clothing.

You can get my boots here (black) or here (brown)

Annie Rose XOXO

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