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18:00Annie Rose

I am a sunglasses addict. I love them, I think they can completely change the way an outfit looks and they're also pretty handy when it's sunny. They're one of my key things that I always carry in my handbag along with an umbrella. So naturally I like to buy lots of cute pairs when I see them.

Pretty much all my sunglasses come from Primark and here's why... I once watched a three part documentary on the fashion industry which involved going into numerous factories across the world and looking at how different brands made their clothes, handbags, shoes, sunglasses etc there was also one on technology and something else I think? I can't remember most of the documentry because it was a while ago. However one thing stuck quite strongly in my mind. 

The presenter went into a factory which made sunglasses and was speaking with the man in charge. The guy said, that morning the machines were making sunglasses for Primark, in the afternoon they were making glasses for Chanel and Dior. Using the exact same machines, materials and lenses. He said the only difference was the arm on the sunglasses. SO I decided to save my money and not spend a lot of money on sunglasses. Also I'm prone to breaking them/losing them.

Ok sorry for that. On with the collection.

Tortoiseshell Frames
These have to be some of my favourite frames, mainly because they just look so pretty, on and off. They're also good at deflecting the sun. (Useful in sunglasses I find.) My only issue is that I cannot push these onto my head which I do a lot because of the nose pads. So I have to be really careful otherwise it's just a tangled mess. Ladies I'm sure you know what I'm talking about here! 

Pink Frame

Next up are the exact same frame only in baby pink because they're just so darn cute I picked up two different colours. I'm not sorry.

Black Cat Eye
These are probably my most used and worn pair of sunglasses. Mainly because they're plastic so I can push them onto my head to my hearts content and not get tangled. Also because I absolutely love the frames on them, they make me feel very Hollywood Glamour which I'm all for! Especially with a dark lip. They instantly make me feel more confident and change the dynamic of my outfit. I'll stop talking now sorry.

Red Wayfarers
I won't lie, I bought these for the sole purpose that I might want to match my liptsick to my sunglasses. It's a rare occasion but it did happen. When I was younger anyway. I don't wear them anymore but I might....

I love tortoiseshell print on sunglasses it's one of my favourite designs. I literally have these sunglasses as back ups in case I have to drive somewhere and I can't find my black ones. It's ok, they were only £2. Ha.

Movie Star Shades
These are second to my cat eye glasses in the ones I wear the most. Mainly because they cover half my face and make me feel like a film star. Which is fun. They're also pretty good at blocking the pollen which is handy for me as I suffer from hayfever. Oh and plastic! Yeah. Gotta love the plastic sunglasses.  

Sorry for the random drabble at the beginning. Let me know what you think! 

Annie Rose XOXO

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  1. Oh my goodness those pink frames are absolutely beautiful! I love buying sunglasses from primark - I'm also one to lose and break all of my sunglasses.

    1. Yes I adore them! Thank you though! Haha yep it's the way forward! x


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