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18:00Annie Rose

 So first off I'm very sorry there was no blog post on Friday, my dog had an operation the day before so I was looking after her and totally forgot. (I'm a bad blogger I know! Sorry. ) Anyway on with today's post. My Updated Make Up Collection and Storage.

I am an organisation nerd. I love to re-organise it makes me feel productive and for now, I've actually found a Make Up set up that I'm really happy with.  I got rid of a lot of make up that I just don't use and I feel it's way better now and a lot easier to navigate. 

I'm using the same desk as before which is the Ikea Micke Desk (Get it here).  I like this desk, because it feels clean and tidy, and has a decent amount of storage as well as actual desk space. 

So starting  top left, I have a No. 7 Illuminating Mirror (X) which is ridiculously helpful and has a very handy magnification side. 

Then I have my palettes box which is just so satisfying to look at it makes me insanely happy.  That's got a bunch of palettes from different places, like Urban Decay, MUA, Make Up Rev etc. The box is just one that a gift came in. 

On the right (twice aren't I kind.) I have most of my make up brushes, my hair ties in an old candle jar, and hair pins. In the tin I just have my rings and some dangly earrings. But I just think that looks really pretty.  

Above that I have all my book shelves, which one is reserved for make up and perfume. So on this shelf is all my perfume and then two make up bags, which contain my most used make up. The pink one has my everyday make up (you can see a post about it here.) In the striped, are things I like to swap in now and then, but still often, such as foundation, red lipstick etc.

In the smallest drawer I have two boxes with extras in. Mainly my lip products because there's a few.... a couple of powders and the occasional foundation, concealer etc in the back. 

So that's it! What do you think? Let me know in the comments!

Annie Rose XOXO 

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  1. Oh no I hope your doggy is ok? Your so organised, I need to reorganise my make up xx

    Laura | Tease Flutter Pout

    1. Aww she's fine now :) Hah thanks! I love doing that it's literally one of my favourite things. Sad I know! xx

  2. I love the way you have organized it! I also love organizing things. (So weird aren't we :D ) I really need to buy some containers to store my makeup in, at the moment its all kind lying around in one big tray. It makes finding things soo hard.


    1. Thank you! Haha I think it's satisfying so who's weird really. Yes I just use old gift boxes and stuff. x


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