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Benefit Vs. Maxfactor || Mascara Wars

18:00Annie Rose

I love mascara it's a great thing in my life. It makes me happy. Along with lipstick and a whole host of other things. But back to mascara. 

A little while ago I bought two mascaras, MaxFactor Glamour Extensions 3 in 1 Mascara and Benefit Cosmetics Rollerlash mascara. 

The Maxfactor was £10.99 (x) - so still not particularly cheap on the high street but nearly half the price of the benefit mascara anyway. 

The Benefit was £19.50 (x) - The high end mascara the everyone has been raving about. 

I decided to see how much difference there was between the two mascaras by wearing one mascara on one eye and one on the other, unfortunately I have lost the photograph from the evening but hey ho, I can tell you how well they did. 

Ok so the left, Maxfactor on the Right, Rollerlash.

Firstly, it took quite a few more coats to get the Maxfactor anywhere near the length that the Rollerlash got in about 3 coats. However it was much more difficult to build on later in the day when I refreshed my mascara before going out somewhere. 

Both products lasted pretty well, I didn't use anything else on my lashes that day (no eyelash curler) and I didn't find my eyelashes fell particularly on either product during the day. 

I love the brush on the Rollerlash much more than the Glamour extensions mascara and the packaging is obviously a lot nicer.

However, I'd say that saving £9 which can be spent elsewhere and adding more layers of mascara, is probably worth it. While the Rollerlash is a beautiful mascara, I'd honestly tell you to save your money and buy a lipstick or two instead when you go out and buy your highstreet mascara! 

Have you tried them? What did you think?

Annie Rose XOXO

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