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8 Shows to Binge Watch on Netflix

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Ok so I know there are differences between American and UK netflix which is very annoying but anyway. I'll label if they're on UK or US netflix for you. If they're not on UK Netflix it's usually because they have a contract with Sky and I've probably watched it on there. So always have a search and see! Also there are websites etc which allow you to change your location, not that I'm recommending that.....

1. Firefly (Both) - 1 Season
Firefly is about a Space Cowboy set way in the future and it's hilarious. To be honest what more do you need to know other than Space Cowboy!


2. Private Practice (US) - 7 seasons. 

This is one of the shows that is on a deal with Sky. It was available on Sky Box Sets a while ago, but at the moment it's not. *insert crying face* I love this show. More than Greys. Which says a lot. It's funny, whilst also dealing with  a lot of issues, like rape and addiction. It's just a funny show, with a lot of relationships and friendship and hilarious/emotional moments. Also it's totally feminist and supports the girl power.

3. Greys Anatomy (US) - 11 Seasons 

This is on Sky Box Set. Ok so I binge watched this entire show in a month. That was 9 seasons. Go me. It's still airing on tv so you can catch yourself up and then carry on suffering with the rest of us. You go through an emotional journey with the characters of Greys. Just be prepared. 

4. Gossip Girl - 6 Seasons

This is like guilty pleasure tv. If you love beauty and fashion then you should watch this because I want Serena and Blair's wardrobes. Forget all the scheming and drama it's literally a walking, talking fashion magazine.

5. Gilmore Girls (US) - 7 Seasons

This is about a Mother and Daughter and the crazy small town that they live in. It's hilarious and clever and cute, and cozy and just awesome. Also the life advice is on point.

6. The West Wing (US) - 7 Seasons

Ok, if there was a president that I could choose it would be Jed Bartlet. He's the president in The West Wing and I love him. I love all the characters they're incredible and it's political without being too political. But it also teaches some really good lessons and is so worth watching in my opinion.

7. The Thick of It (UK) - 4 Seasons

Another political show about the spin doctors of the UK. Well the fictional spin doctors anyway. It's pretty bad for swearing but still hilarious and it features Peter Capaldi before Dr Who so what's not to like?

8. Scandal (US) - 4 Seasons

Ok this is political too but in a totally different way. I feel like everyone has heard of Scandal and kind of knows what it's about but if you don't... Firstly where have you been!? Secondly, it's about a woman named Olivia Pope a badass "fixer" who you call up and she fixes your problems for you. Be it political, murder, general drama. It's got so many twists and turns, incredible writing and fantastic characters. Just watch it ok.

Any recommendations for what I should watch?

Annie Rose XOXO

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  1. Gossip Girl is my ultimate hangover/poorly binge watch series! I'm also completely addicted to Pretty Little Liars and Orange is the New Black, such good watching!xx

    1. Yes such good viewing! I've just started Pretty Little Liars ! xx


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