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Primark, H&M & Next || HAUL

18:00Annie Rose

So last Friday as well as this one, I went shopping and I bought some stuff. I went to Primark, New Look (found nothing), H&M, and Next. So this is what I bought-ish.


Ok first up Primark, the annoying ones who don't have online shopping and have different products in a lot of their shops. Firstly I bought a burnt orange pleated skirt because it looked super cute on the mannequin.
 Yep I'm that kind of shopper. It's in the photograph above and cost £12. 

Unfortunately I've worn it so there's no badly taken photographs, along with a black mens t-shirt I bought for £2 (Men's basics are always so much thicker?) 

Anyway. I bought a floral blouse for the spring weather, to go with the skirt or jeans. To be tucked in with a pair of cute boots. 


This is probably my favourite thing I bought. It's a playsuit which has a lot of lace on the top half. It comes in Black, White, Orange and Pink if I remember correctly and cost me £12. (If the price is wrong, Sorry!) I tried on all the colours, initially wanting something bright. However, I fell totally in love with the black. It's completely versatile, I actually wore the skirt with this out, and it doubled to make a really pretty top. 

The only issue is the back is pretty low, which makes wearing a bra difficult, without exposing it. Still, I'm in love and it's super comfy.

I've wanted a check shirt for ages because I reckoned I could pull it off and I really wanted to try anyway. It cost me £7.99 and you can buy it here. (X) It's super soft and so comfortable, to the point I actually slept in it. So there you go it's multi-purpose.


£16 - Get it here (X)

I bought one thing from Next, this wide strapped cami. I tried it on completely apprehensive and just added it to the pile of stuff that I was also trying on. (also seen on a mannequin) 

It turned out to be the only thing I actually wanted to buy and I'm so glad now that I tried it on. I love the bright colours and the wide straps. 

I'll definitely be wearing it with jeans, shorts, skirts. Well just about anything. I may just keep on that and my playsuit forever. That's sensible right?

What have you been  buying? 

Annie Rose XOXO

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