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Spring/Summer 2015 || Wishlist

18:00Annie Rose

We're coming into Spring pretty fast these days, have you seen the weather today it's absolutely gorgeous! Therefore I need some light additions to my wardrobe in order to bring it forwards for spring. 

Sunglasses (x) £10 || ASOS

I am a massive lover of sunglasses I take them everywhere. I wear them a lot, probably more than necessary but who cares? Certainly not me. These are particularly gorgeous and oversized which I love especially for those no make up days. 

Cape (x) £25.00 || ASOS

I need a cape. It's a fact and this one is so gorgeous. I love the light colour especially because we're coming into Spring now and my wardrobe needs a little lightening after all the darkness of winter. 

Crystal Ear Cuff (x) £10.00 || Accessorize

Ok, I can't pull off a regular ear cuff because I'm just not cool enough for that, so I've discovered the solution. A CRYSTAL ear cuff because now I can continue being super girly and also try out the ear cuff. Win win? It'll probably look totally weird but I don't care.

Open- Front Textured Coat (x) £ || Forever 21

I adore this coat, especially for Spring when you need a little more than a light jacket but not a heavy duty coat. I love the fact it's white for spring I'd really like a white coat, and it looks super stylish.

Fontastic Make Up Bag (x) £16.00 || Sighh Designs 

This is the nicest looking make up bag I have seen in ages and it's something I've wanted since I saw it on the site a while ago. It fits masses in it and the design is so cute. 

Blue Mini Wing Tote (x) £29.00 || Miss Selfridge

I have this bag in black and I absolutely adore it. I swap between using it with the handles and long strap all the time and it holds way more than you'd think while also stopping me taking too much stuff with me, which I do all the time. I love the colour especially for Spring. I'm all about lights this spring. 

I've basically given you all the accessories to completely transform any outfit here. You're welcome. What have you been wanting for Spring?

Annie Rose XOXO

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  1. lovely wishlist with some fab additions to anyone's wardrobe! Cant wait for the summer xx

    1. Me either! The sooner the better I say! xx


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