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Make Up Revolution || First Impressions

18:00Annie Rose

 So the other day I had a brief spending spree all because of Kal over at Cluttered Closet. I bought three eyeshadow palettes because I've heard good things and I need some new shades in my collection. I also want to try and add some subtle colour to my make up looks. So here is a first impressions review of the palettes I bought. 

 Iconic Pro 1 || £6.99 (x)

No. Of shades: 16
Boxing: 8/10 It may seem a bit weird to talk about the box something comes in but I think it's always good to have a pre-warning if you buy something in store it's the first thing that you see. The box looks pretty high end especially compared with the others. Minor detail on the back of the packaging it says there are 20 shades when actually there are only 16 but no matter.
Packaging: 10/10 I love the packaging of this product. The matte black with rose gold writing looks so beautiful. It looks super neat and it's flat which makes it very easy to store with anything else and also to travel with. It reminds me of high end packaging. It's quite stiff to open but I'd rather that than it springing open in my bag.
Shades: 9/10 This is meant to be a dupe for the Lorac Pro Palette which means there are 8 matte and 8 glitter. Being a UK resident unless I go to America I haven't really got a chance of getting my hands on it. There are 16 shades like I said earlier each named different things.

Starting with top left; Ghost, Luna, Must, Enigma, Fade, Drama, Afflicted, Pitch, Need, Dawn, Getter, Breathe, Too Grey, Stage, Addicted, Player.

Brush: 6/10 Ok the brush is double ended much like a smaller version of the brushes you get with the Naked 2 & 3 Palettes. The seem pretty soft and application seems ok but I'll have to give it a proper test later on.
Mirror: 10/10 The mirror is excellent, it covers the whole lid which is handy if you don't have another mirror available to you. 

Overall Impression: 9/10 I'll definitely be buying the Pro 2!

I ♥ Make Up Naked Underneath || £7.99 (x)

From Top Left; Free, Stroke, Reveal, Meow, Darkness, Love, Hidden, 2004, Glory, 1970, After Hours, Attention, Seeking, Covered, Missile and Wonderous.

No. Of shades: 16

Boxing: 2/10  The boxing is awful and pretty much something i'd expect to see on a children's toy if I was honest but never mind.

Packaging: 3/10 Packaging wise it's similar, I hate it. I'd have given it a 1 if the seal wasn't as good as it is and the mirror on it as well as the layout. Firstly I hate the top with the fake fur. I'm writing this on my bed where I have white sheets and there are little black fake hairs on it now. Charming right? Also there's a really awful plastic heart thing in the middle of the lid which makes it A. difficult to store and B. look like a child's make up set. So that's a big no.
Shades: 8/10  The shades luckily save it. I wouldn't have even bothered buying it if it weren't for the beautiful shades that are within. There are some gorgeous shimmer shades which add lovely colour to my collection (something I've been looking for) and a couple of equally pretty matte shades (6 to be precise). I especially love Meow, 1970, 2004 and Love.

Brushes:  4/10 The brush is a standard double ended sponge thing which I never use but could be handy if you like them. It picks up colour pretty well and applies it quite smoothly so if you're new to make up then that's a bonus.

Mirror: 10/10 The mirror is great. Big mirror just like the last one which is always a bonus.

Overall Impression: 5/10 but 8/10 (If the packaging was different!!!) 

I ♥ Make Up Naked Chocolate || £7.99 (x)

Top left; Smoothly, Divine, Mocha, Lover, Dipped, Choc-fest, Adorable, Buttons, Frosted Choc, Delight, Sweet Shop, Suger, Double Dip, Tob-le-rone, White, Milky, Way. 
No. Of shades: 16

Boxing: 2/10 It's the same as the Naked Underneath as they're obviously the same collection. It looks like a child's toy which is so unimpressive and completely off putting.

Packaging: 7/10 The packaging is pretty cute although a bit gimmicky. I think it's going to make it a bit more difficult to store but not too badly. It makes a nice change to have a yellowy colour palette and definitely makes it stand out. Although it makes me a bit hungry.

Shades: 8/10 I'm a massive fan of neutrals and these are a bunch of beautiful brown and gold shades as well as some purpley undertones and greys. 

Brushes: 4/10 It's same sponge thing as the Naked Underneath

Mirror: 10/10  The mirror is exactly the same as the other two, massive and the complete top of the lid which is obviously so useful. 

Overall Impression: 7/10 

Quick picture of the outer boxing
What do you think of them? Let me know!

Annie Rose XOXO

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  1. Amazing palettes! So good... :)

    1. Yes I'm looking forward to testing them properly

  2. Such pretty shades in the first palette!
    And love the packaging. Thanks for sharing

    Life in Pastel

    1. Yes it's definitely my favourite I think so far!

  3. Wow these pallets look gorgeous !! Great pick



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