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Products Worth The Hype

18:00Annie Rose

So today I bring you my beauty products that are totally worth the hype and a bit of perfume too. Everyone knows when a new product comes out, they start getting talked about like nothing else, reviewed over and over again. Until you literally have to have the product just because you've heard so much about it. Or is that just me?

1. Stay Matte Powder || Rimmel London (x)
Totally worth it. Everyone and their mother has this powder I'm pretty sure. But that's because it's cheap and it works. It keeps your make up in place and stops you looking like you're a barbie doll, which I am forever grateful for. 

2.  Blush / Contour Kits (x) || Sleek
Ok. People talk about these products all the time, including me. I use my contour kit for blush and highlight more than anything else. The pigmentation is amazing. You need one swipe of the brush and you've got enough product which means they last forever. Even if you use them every day. Which you will.

3.  Naked 2 Palette || Urban Decay (x) -
 Right so everybody knows my favourite of the three palettes is the Naked 2. Although I have been loving the Naked 3 recently I always go back to the 2. It has my favourite combination of shades as well as amazing pigmentation and blendability. The Naked Palettes are excellent but finding the right one for your eye colour and colouring is the most important thing. Once you've got that, no need for any other palettes.

4.  Make Up Mist and Set || E.L.F (x)
I've talked about this a lot and unfortunately they've discontinued for now so the link will take you to a very similar product. But if you can get your hands on the elf version, DO. It's amazing. It will change your life. Especially when you have events to go to or a particularly long day. You will never again worry that your make up is disappearing off your face. On top of that it makes you  feel fresh.

5. Alien Perfume || Thierry Mugler (x)
This is my favourite scent. I wear it every single day. I don't why it smells so good but it does. Also it's refillable. No need to have twelve empty bottles of perfume lying around. Apparently it contains notes of Jasmine Sambac, Cashmeran Wood and White Amber. (Take from that what you will)

6.  Make Up Brushes || Real Techniques (x) -
 These are everywhere because of YouTube. Created by Youtube beauty gurus and make up artists Pixiwoo (x). The brushes are incredibly soft, easy to use and clean. If you buy them in sets you also get a handy travel case which can be great for keeping your brushes secure. The buffing brush is my personal favourite. It's the best thing for applying foundation quickly and evenly. If they aren't already in your life they should be.

7. Supercat Liner || Soap & Glory (x) - 
Because it's basically a felt pen it makes it very easy to do a simple cat eye as well as any other liner that you want to do. Once you get the hang of using eye-liners this one is incredibly quick to use. 

8. Rouge Edition Velvet || Bourjois (x)
This is pretty much liquid lipstick and also liquid gold if you ask me. They taste a bit weird but once you get past that everything is different. Matte finish lipsticks are adorable and I don't find them particularly 

What are you favourite products?

Annie Rose XOXO

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