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My Shoe Collection

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Well this is exciting isn't it? Another collection. You've pretty much seen my entire wardrobe at this point. Aren't you lucky? So here we go, my shoe collection. I started this particular collection about eight years ago. I don't know how many of these shoes are still available probably not that many but there are usually similar ones available.  


My heels are definitely some of my favourite shoes. I love heels but I threw out quite a few pairs recently when I cleared out my wardrobe and haven't gotten around to replenishing them.I tend to only wear heels at formal events or in summer because  I mainly wear my heeled boots as it's cold in England and I live half in the countryside.  The snake skin pair are my prom shoes and general summer shoe. Who doesn't love a nude court? Kate Middleton swears by them. The black pair are what I like to think of as a jazzed up version of the classic black heel.
From Top left, New Look, Graceland, Next


The two pairs of crotchet shoes I pretty much wear all summer, they're so cute and feminine and easy to slip on and off. They're getting pretty old but I've seen them brought through a couple of seasons now so hopefully they'll be available again this year. Brogues are another wardrobe staple I always think.
From Top Left; New Look, Peacocks, H&M (I literally wore nothing else the whole of last summer.), New Look, New Look


I've already done a post on my chelsea boots (x) which I still love, you can see the mud on my boots from where I walk around in the fields. My fake litas I bought about two years ago and I never wear them, mainly because they're almost impossible to walk in but I can't throw them away because they're adorable. Uggs are just uggs aren't they. You gotta love em even if you haven't worn them in five years. The heeled boots are the shoes I interchange with my chelsea boots and the ones worn most regularly. I love them. They bring something fabulous to an outfit and dress it up a little.
From Top Left; ASOS, New Look, New Look, New Look, Costco (who doesn't love UGGS, those were the days) Amazon


I've had these probably since I was about eleven? My shoe size hasn't changed and I've looked after them so they're luckily still alive. Super comfy pair of running shoes which I hardly ever wear these days (I prefer to go barefoot if I'm working out at home) so unless I'm going for a run or faking excercise? then I'm not really wearing them.

Like my shoe collection? Hate some? Let me know!

Annie Rose XOXO

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