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Chill Day || OOTD

18:00Annie Rose

Today is another outfit of the day post because I like reading and looking at these. For today it's what I wear when I chill out at home and do general admin like shopping or picking stuff up etc.

I was wearing shoes when I left the house but seeing as I mainly chill inside I didn't have them handy. My sunglasses on the other hand I forgot to take off my head. (I'm great like that.)

Lips - PS Love Lip Liner Pencil

Jumper - Primark £10 (I'm loving those guys at the moment)

Sunglasses - £2 Primark (I buy pretty much all my sunglasses from there. Mainly because I get bored of them quickly/ I lose them or break them.)

Phone Case - Amazon £6.90 (x)

Jeans - Topshop £40.00 (x)

Socks - No idea?

Nails - Barry M - White £2.99 (x)

Shoes - Black Chelsea Boots - you can find my blog post here (x) , or buy them here at the bargain price of £12 (x)

What outfits do you love chilling out in? 

Annie Rose XOXO

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