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Wake Me Up Concealer || The Review

18:00Annie Rose

I am always looking for a great concealer and about two weeks ago after a video that Fleur de Force did (find it here x) I decided to try the Wake Me Up Concealer from Rimmel. It retails at £5.49 (x).

Onto the review. In short I don't like it very much. It's fine. It works in an alright fashion but in the picture below, I also have foundation on. It works very well as a highlight as I only have a light blush on my cheeks in this picture. I like the illumination factor which brings it up in my opinion. I'm just disappointed with the under eye section of my eyes, which is continuously looks like I've been punched in the face.  

Please excuse my face.
I didn't feel that it was particularly good with redness either. It has concealed my spot in terms of making it the same colour but that's pretty much it. What I'm saying is I couldn't wear it on it's own if I needed to escape the house pretty sharpish. It just doesn't work that well on it's own. 

With my foundation over the top it's like I said fine so for everyday I'd say it's pretty ok and if you have pretty good skin which I usually do (other than the under eye) it's suitable. Especially if you want to double it up as a highlight which I often do. For £5.49 it's pretty acceptable but I've found better ones for example E.L.F Complete Coverage at only £3.95 (x). 

Have you tried it? Do you like it?

Annie Rose XOXO

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  1. I guess it won't be the concealer for me haha \:
    Great review ^_^

    Life In Pastel


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