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January Beauty Favourites

18:00Annie Rose

1. Complete Coverage Concealer || Eyes, Lips, Face - £3.95 (x

I've had this for a year or two and I've only just started using it again as weirdly I didn't get on with it before but now I absolutely adore it. I use it as an undereye concealer and for the occasional blemish and I find that it's got great coverage and doesn't crease at all.

2. Superliner in Black || L'Oreal - £6.49 (x

I'm a huge fan of the cat eye and particularly this month where I haven't wanted to wear a lot of make up it's been great for still looking like you make some effort. The liner comes out a really good black and is so easy to use.

3. Lipstick in Pure Zen || M.A.C Cosmetics - £15.50 (x

My very very favourite nude. I love this colour and have been wearing it a lot this January. It was the first MAC lipstick I ever bought after I'd eyed it up in the Marylin Monroe Collection and I've been in love with it ever since.

4. Nail Varnish in Rose Cache || Chanel - £18.00 (x

I've had one of two varnishes on my nails this month. Normally I'm not a fan of Chanel nail varnish because I think they're way too overpriced for what you actually get, however this colour was too pretty not to wear and it weirdly didn't chip as much as my others do!

5. Ultimate Blends Shampoo and Conditioner || Garnier - £3.89 (each) (x)

 I love this shampoo. I find that it really works on my hair which always comes out so soft. I love each of the scents which actually last more than five minutes. The choice is also great, depending on the condition of your hair. I'm actually using a combination of Dry and Dull hair with Normal at the moment and loving it.

6. Alien Perfume || Thierry Mugler - £26.50 (x

This is my favourite perfume. I wear it every single day at the moment and rarely wear anything else. I have two 15ml bottles (one's spare) which I find the perfect size to slip into a handbag or make up bag when you go out. You can also get it refilled which is a massive bonus as you don't have to waste the bottles.

7. Buffing Brush || Real Techniques Core Collection - £21.99 (x

I have had the core collections set for I don't know how long a year, 2 years? 3? and for some unknown reason I have never used this brush to apply my foundation. I have now seen the light. It's amazing. Enough said.

8. Gelly Shine Nail Varnish in Lychee || Barry M - £3.99 (x)

This is the 2/2 nail varnish I have been wearing and loving this month. January is a dull month and I loved having neutral nails for it. Bonus that neutral goes with literally everything.

What have you been loving this month? 

Annie Rose XOXO

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  1. I haven't seen that shampoo, maybe they don't sell it in Australia 😔

    1. That's a shame if they don't! Have a good look though! x


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