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Today I have a Handbag collection for you all. I've left out my clutch/evening bags and my new black bag (my mother is using it..) but you can see that one here if you wish (x). There are a few of them and I've noticed that the majority of them are tan but what can I say, I like what I like and they go with everything. They're mostly too old to still get your hands on unfortunately but if I can find links then I will.

The 50's bag

This bag is from Amazon about two years ago. I love this bag just because I think it can bring a certain sense of class to any outfit. 

The Dark Red bag

This is one of my most recent additions, one that I got for Christmas. You can get it here(x) but I think it's mainly local sales as you usually have to collect. I've done a what's in my handbag for this which you can see here. (X) I love the colour of this just because I'm a great lover of the red lip and why not match a bag to your lipstick. 

The Tan and Cream Bag

This one is from H&M in the Autumn and its on sale right now as I right this for £12. Bargain! (x) I fit loads in here so if you can still get it, I would! I love the fact that the straps are a different colour to the main bag and the front pocket is so handy for dropping keys and your phone into when you haven't got a lot of time.

The Office Bag 

This is from Forever 21 about three years ago. I used it initially as a school bag and completely destroyed it. (Sad face.) It has a huge hole in the lining and a broken zip but I can't bring myself to throw it away because I love the bag too much (tragic isn't it.)

The Tan Box

Topshop. I can't even remember when. This is probably my most used bag. It's my go to when I'm not sure about things, especially if I'm travelling. It fits a ridiculous amount into it without being too bulky because of it's shape and material. 

The Grey One

This was bought last summer and I can't tell you where I only know I bought a pair of heels with it (ha so helpful).  Anyway love a grey bag, and this one is big, which I like because I always have a lot of stuff with me. 

The Big Pink One

 This is probably my biggest bag other than the two weekend bags I own in fact I'd say it's pretty close to being one. On the basis that it fits a coat inside and right now has the tan box and grey bag inside and there's still quite a bit of room.

I love all my bags for many different reasons and I often interchange them depending on what I'm wearing and where I'm going. Let me know what you think!

Annie Rose XOXO

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  1. Impressive collection! I love the last one, gorgeous!


    1. Thank you! The last one was a birthday gift I was so excited! :) x

  2. I also own loads of different styles of bags but mostly in the same colour. I love your collection :)


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