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18:00Annie Rose

As I said two weeks ago I am a make up addict. You can read about that here (x). And like I said in that post there's always new make up that I want to try and just generally buy. So the other day I decided to sit down and make a list of all the products that I wanted to buy and try this year. Of course things will be added as the year goes on but so far these are the things that I want to buy, test and replenish in my stock.


Kiko is a brand which has recently it seems gained a lot of popularity, so with everybody raving about it ofcourse I want to try it.

1. Universal Fit Hydrating Foundation £6.90 (x) - I'm always looking for a great foundation and always looking for one that is affordable especially as I'm starting university later in the year.

2. Perfect base corrector £12.90 (x) - Everyone talks about how amazing primers are. I usually prefer moisturiser. But I think this year is the time that I try it for myself.

3. Water Eyeshadow in 210 £4.40 (x) - You always need more.

4. Eyelash Curler £5.90 (x) - I haven't used one in about two years since mine broke and this year I've decided that enough is enough.

5. Full Coverage Concealer £7.50 (x) - I'm always testing new ones. I especially like wearing them when I don't want to wear foundation.


1. Pure Zen Lipstick £15.50 (x) - By far my favourite shade of nude I have ever come across and one that has nearly run out in my collection sadly.

2. Angel Lipstick £15.50 (x) - I need more pinks I've decided.

NO. 7

1. Extravagant Volume Mascara £12.00 (x) - I should probably shut up about this product but mine is running out. So I NEED a new one. It's on the list.

2. Stay Perfect Superlight Foundation £14.50 (x) - I need to stop talking about this one too. It's also going to run out in the near future and therefore I need a new one. Cool.


1. Rouge Pur Couture in 04 £25.00 (x) - I fell in love with these and this shade so I want to get this one and hopefully many more this year.


1. Fit Me Concealer £5.99 (x) - Concealer is something that I need a lot of, especially under my eyes. (I have major dark circles.) So for me finding anything that will get rid is a must. This is my next try.


1. Blush in Rose Gold £4.49 (x) - I really like Sleek blushers and I need more. I love the look of this colour.

2. Blush by 3 in Lace £9.99 (x) - I've been in love with this blush trio for ages and never bothered to actually buy it. This year I shall.

That's what I've been wanting so far this year, one month into January, 12 items that's only 3 new ones a week... I'm doing well. Ha. What are you wanting this year?

Annie Rose XOXO

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