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First Haul of 2015

18:00Annie Rose

Well isn't it fun when you get money and vouchers for Christmas. I worked a little over Christmas and had some money to spend (yay.) So this is what I bought.

1. Running Leggings from M&S £22.50 (x) - I'm actually wearing these right now as I write this post. (I've just done yoga I'm not just wearing them (well kinda am now.)) These are the comfiest leggings I have ever owned. They're seriously soft and just generally amazing. Also my legs look fab in these things if I do say so myself.

2. USA Pro Black Sports Bra from Sports Direct - These weren't fashion related other than colour.

3.  Black Sports Bra  - I can't find either on the website and I threw out the receipts (organised I know)

4. Black Mini Tote Bag  from Miss Selfridge £29.00 (x) - I am a lover of handbags. I've been obsessed since I was probably about 8. Don't ask. Anyway this one was a no brainer for me and I've gotten a lot of use out of it already. I could so have this in all the colours I won't lie.

5. ASOS end point Ankle Boots £17.00 (x) - I'm in love with these shoes. They came on Monday which you'll know if you follow me on Instagram  that they arrived. They're such beautiful boots. I love them. I wear boots a lot (All the time.)  and I absolutely love chunky heeled boots.

6. Vila Vimeil Sweat with Contrast Sleeves £14.00 (x)  This jumper is something different for me. I never wear this kind of thing normally but I fancied a change and I'm really glad I bought them. It's such a comfy top and goes very well with my boots. (Not sorry I keep talking about them.)

I know they aren't fashion related but I also bought two dvds to entertain myself with. Which were:

7. Davina Fit in 15 £5.00 (x) - I'm in a total fitness mood. I've been slowly doing exercise since September and now I've decided to get serious with it.

8. Sherlock Series 3 £8.00 (x) - I love Sherlock and actually have all three series now on dvd.

Annie Rose XOXO

p.s My leggings and top are in the wash, so they're not in the pictures. xx

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