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You Know You're Addicted To Make Up When...

18:00Annie Rose

I am a self confessed addict to many things. Including, many television shows, varieties of food, books, my dog, clothes and of course Make Up. So I give you some sure fire signs that you are a make up addict.

1). You always notice someone's make up before anything else about them.

2). There's always new things to be had

3). You are forever on the search for the perfect Red

4). and Nude lipsticks

5). There's an organisational system to your make up

6). You KNOW if someone "borrows" something.

7). When people say they use the sponge applicators for eyeshadow you look on in horror

8). You also look in horror when they say that £25 is too much for lipstick.

9). "I've got enough make up now" has never crossed your mind.

10). You always find new looks to try.

These are a few that I've noticed about myself. Let me know if you suffer from Make Up addiction and if you have any more to add. And Happy New Year!

Annie Rose XOXO

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  1. Haha, this post made me laugh because it's SO TRUE. Literally find myself doing all of these things!

    Charlotte xx

    1. Haha good! Yes I just noticed myself doing all these things xx

  2. Number two is a problem for me... :) x


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