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What's in My Handbag?

18:00Annie Rose

I have loved handbags for a very long time. I find something magical in the fact that I can take so many useful/useless things with me where ever I choose to go because of my handbag. And they're usually so pretty.

I personally never have just one handbag on the go. I prefer to have many handbags and adjust them depending on my outfit. (Although this one I do use a lot...) Anyway, this is what's currently in my handbag!

From Left to Right: My Primark Umbrella, Sunglasses, Packet of Tissues, Purse, YSL in No. 17, Headphones, house keys and my diary

I am a great believer in being prepared so my staple is always an umbrella and sunglasses. Obviously I usually have my phone in my handbag as well but I use that as my camera so it's not included in the photo. (It's a Sony Xperia Z3 in case you're wondering). That's what's in my handbag. I love seeing what's in other people's bags so I hope you enjoyed.

Let me know what your staple is! 

Annie Rose XOXO

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  1. Love the diary. That is something I need in my life really :-)
    x Maria x


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