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Christmas Shoes

18:00Annie Rose

I love shopping. I love Christmas. So I have decided that today I will do a post on the best party shoes I can see for the season. Not the ones that fashion magazines claim will make you look high fashion but the ones that are either classic, generally amazing or just flattering. Let's face it, no one wants to buy the weird shoes that they claim are "in", when in actuality we all know those shoes are ugly.

Firstly I'd like to give you some advice. Avoid open toes at all costs. Even though open toed shoes are everywhere that doesn't mean you should buy them. It's winter people. WINTER. IT'S COLD. If you have open toed shoes you'll have blue legs because you couldn't wear tights. No one wants blue legs.

So let's start with New Look, my go to shoe shop.

The Silver Court Shoe £24.99 (X)

 Perfect for a pop of colour and matching that clutch you own that doesn't match anything even though you thought it matched everything. If there's a silver detail in something, these are your shoes.

Purple Point Metal Heel. £24.99 (X)

Dark purple is really the colour of every winter. Any berry colour is. This heel is my lipstick matching heel. I love to match a lipstick to my shoes or my coat. Yep. I'm that kind of girl. If you are too then you should buy these shoes. And a lipstick to match.

Gold Glitter Platforms. £22.99 (X)

Gold shoes aren't my thing, but I do think if you've got an LBD that you're livening up and a Christmas party that no one but you appears to be able to live through. At least these shoes might be a conversation starter.

The final pair of heels is from ZARA. 

The Classic Red Pair £39.99 (X)

These are probably my favourite pair, you've seen my lipstick collection I have a lot of reds. I love red. So why not match your lipstick and your shoes and your bag when you go out. These shoes are perfect for that. 

For all those hating on heels this year (I don't blame you!) and wanting something that involves not having your feet hurt at the end of an evening for any reason other than you've been dancing too long. Look no further than TOPSHOP.

Squeeze Pom Pom Velvet Slippers £28.00 (X)

These are so cute I think. If you're looking for something different this year then look no further than these shoes. Also I think these would be adorable with a comfy jumper and some jeans. (Just Saying.) 

Sparrow in Silver £28.00  (X

I love these. I'm not usually a massive glitter person (unless it's Sprinkle of..) anyway, I think these are so cute and would work so well with black tights. 

Annie Rose XOXO

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