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Mini Haul: Topshop and Zara

18:00Annie Rose

Ok, firstly I'm very sorry for the picture quality. My normal camera has for some reason broken so I'm using my phone which is soon to be replaced because it's old. My family are all out at the moment and I'm out later which means I had to use mine. Hence annoyingly rubbish pictures and awful clothing selfies.

Anyway. I bought three things, two clothes and one jewellery. Two from TOPSHOP and one from Zara. Both knitwear because it's getting colder.

TOPSHOP Flower Collar

Price: £20.00 (Get it here)

Sadly they no longer have this colour in stock online. They may have some in store though. So you should check it out if you like it. I love this necklace. I only have a few statement necklace and I love the flower and diamond detail of the necklace. I think it's totally beautiful and brightens up any outfit. I'm really excited to wear this necklace.

I plan on wearing this with high neck line tops or dresses. Especially for Christmas

TOPSHOP Shoulder Cut Out Jumper

Price: £45

I first saw this jumper in a haul by Fleur de Force and fell in love with it. If you don't know who Fleur is you should totally check her out, she was my first guru haha. It's not available online so when I went into TOPSHOP i was thrilled to find it in store. I tried it on thinking it probably wouldn't suit me or that it would look really weird and I'm happy to say that I really love it. 

It's also stupidly soft and comfortable. It is quite expensive but I'd say it's totally worth it! 

I wore it with some light coloured jeans and boots to make it more casual. But equally pairing it with a skirt and heels would make it a great festive look. Especially in time for Christmas.

Zara Boat Necked Sweater

 Price: £25.99  (Get it here)

I searched high and low in Zara to find something I actually liked enough to buy which don't get me wrong the stuff in Zara is beautiful but I can never find ANYTHING! So if there's a secret to shopping at Zara somebody please fill me in. 

I bought this in camel because I am a lover of all things neutral. I also love the neckline and over-sized style of this jumper. 

I have very sensitive skin and most things I find very itchy, this isn't too bad. It's fairly comfy, but I have so say it can be itchy in places which is rubbish. But never mind. I like it anyway. If I find a t-shirt to wear underneath it which looks decent then I'll let you know. 

So that's the very small number of items to add to the make up which I bought last week. All in all I'd say it was successful. Let me know what you think. Bought anything recently?

Annie Rose XOXO

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