Girl Least Likely To Liz Jones

Girl Least Likely To by Liz Jones || The Review

08:00Annie Rose

Liz Jones is one of my favourite writers. Liz Jones's Diary is something I read every week without fail. Her life and career fascinate me. Naturally when I spotted her autobiography on a shelf in my localwhiskp I dived on it. The perfect thing to read on my holiday in the summer.

Read it I did. She successfully delves into her life from childhood right up until a few years ago when it was published. Covering her work as the editor of Marie Claire, her school life, her first time having sex and an extensive cover of her obsession with Vogue as well as her anorexia nervosa. As well as covering her express need to please as well as her incredibly unsuccessful marriage.

If you've ever had an interest in the fashion industry, journalism or eating disorders, you'll probably find this fascinating. It explains an awful lot about her and the way she deals with things and why whilst also being relatively funny and of course interesting!

I think it's a well worth a read!

Annie Rose XOXO

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