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Real Housewives of Bullying Hills?

08:00Annie Rose

What seems to be a recurring theme recently on American "reality" tv lately is bullying. I am a fan of the Real Housewives franchise. In particular the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. My personal favourite housewife happens to be the one of two English housewives Lisa and the current victim of what can only be described as a season of character assassination and bullying. (Season 4)

Brandi Glanville ex wife of Eddie Cibrian used to be best friends with Lisa although this season attempted to plant seeds of Lisa's manipulation by suggesting to other housewives that she was very calculating repeating something that another housewife had said a season prior. Now obviously it may appear that if two people are saying it, there's potential that it is true. However I do not believe that Lisa is in anyway manipulative or evil or controlling past the average person and actually believe that it's Brandi who not only made racist, rude and ageist jokes this season actually tried to tell the only other person at an incident she claimed to occur that she was wrong and being manipulated by Lisa when it was clearly shown her reaction when she heard Brandi's "story". 

What makes their behavior worse is when shown from the side of the servers in SUR (Vanderpumps restaurant) during their show Vanderpump Rules, the servers clearly thought that the women were too big for their boots, completely bad mannered and ridiculous. They ordered food that was either not on the menu or changed the order so much the servers had to go to the kitchen and explain what the changes meant (in the case of Brandi's meal.) which they then preceded to only pick at. Which show's their disrespect towards other people. One server actually said "they seem to think the chef back there is their personal chef rather than someone providing a set menu." Another described the dinner as a screaming United Nations because they swore so much. (The servers actually hid at this point).

I enjoy the real housewives when they maintain lighthearted banter and talk about real life things like Yolanda and Kim saying how pathetic they were to keep crying because their daughter had gone to university or when Kim's dog was failing in his obedience training! Unfortunately it appears that bulling is acceptable to air on television because that's what they continuously show on the RHOBH and I've seen it on more than one occasion on the Real Housewives of Orange County as well. 

However all they appear to do is decide they hate someone and then every time they see them attack every part of their personality. Whether they're in a fancy restaurant, at someone's house or on holiday. What makes this particular season worse was that when Lisa was attacked on holiday and herself and her husband decided that they would remove themselves from the situation rather than argue with people who clearly weren't going to listen to what they had to say anyway, they were criticised. Now I don't know what life lessons are like in school for Americans but for most British people we're taught that it is far better to walk away than to get involved or allow something to continue because it diffuses the situation. Apparently that's not the case in Beverly Hills, because while Lisa and Carlton (the other brit) appeared to think this was the right and normal thing to do the others thought it was weak and pathetic. 

Who new our cultures were really that different!? I sincerely hope that the women on the RHOBH get nicer in the newest series because I seriously think they're embarrassing themselves and are not giving the right message across to their children. Especially in a country with over 70 gun crimes over bullying in schools and work places in the last year.

Please bring back the lighthearted banter of everyday life. With a little bit of drama and a lot more laughter.

Annie Rose XOXO

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