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My Favourite Beauty Gurus

08:00Annie Rose

I have been watching YouTube and reading blogs for just over two years now and have decided to share my favourite Beauty Gurus with you. I personally love Beauty Gurus especially as I have a huge obsession with Make Up since I bought my first miss sporty lipgloss when I was about 9. So having someone talk to you about the Make Up they like and don't like is great.

I have numerous YouTubers and bloggers that I follow for many different reasons in fact I follow 23 blogs on Bloglovin' and subscribe to 159 channels on YouTube. But here are some of my favourites.

1).  VelvetGh0st/Gabriella Lindley 

 Gab is probably my current favourite guru. On top of being incredibly chatty, enthusiastic and funny she does great tutorials including nearly all of the Kardashian sisters. She also has a great style in my opinion and I love her fashion sense. As well as this her Vlog channel I find to be entertaining just because she cracks me up.

Zoe is probably quite well known to everyone I should think. If not she should be. She has nearly 6 million subscribers on YouTube has a book coming out soon and a new make up line about to come out. But she still is incredibly down to earth, chatty, funny and great at talking all things beauty and lifestyle. As well as that she gives great advice on Anxiety which she has suffered with for a number of years. 
Louise is probably the cutest person ever. And she definitely has the cutest daughter ever. She also runs a great blog which she updates frequently as well as putting a YouTube video out every week. She is incredibly honest and let's face it just from that picture you can tell she's fabulous. 

 Emma is probably the most incredible make up artist (although I don't think she has any kind of qualification?) She does amazing tutorials of all things from normal everyday make up to how to turn yourself into a character from a Tim Burton film (no seriously)  she is always my go to for any kind of out there make up or a flawless finish. She is quiet but she makes up for it with her talent.
 5). Fleur De Force
Fleur is probably the Youtuber I have been watching the longest. She does tutorials and hauls etc. and buys a lot of high end products (although she does buy in primark a lot too) She also gives amazing insights into her wardrobe and her monthly favourites are always useful.
As you can probably tell all the YouTubers I follow and are my favourite seem like lovely people are usually smiling and give great advice. They all make me laugh and they make you feel like you're their friend. So I recommend each and every one of them! Especially if you don't watch Youtube normally.

Annie Rose XOXO

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