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Winter Coat Wishlist 2014

08:00Annie Rose

Seeing as it's September the days are starting to get shorter and the leaves are falling off the trees and it's definitely getting colder I have started eyeing up the gorgeous coats that have been brought out for the new season. I have learned over the years to love coats. I now have a collection of 5 coats which if you ask me is just not enough and I could always do with another! Each product link is the title of the product. So without further ado here is my Winter Coat Wishlist of 2014.


Price:  £65.00
Shop: Miss Selfridge
Reason I like it:  I personally have a lot of dark coloured coats mainly because it's winter and things are darker. But I've decided this year that I want a lighter wardrobe to brighten those darker winter days! Although not sure this would be the best coat if it's raining maybe just for cold days. 

Price:  £29.99
Shop:  New Look
Reason I like it:  I feel this coat is versatile and sophisticated. It could make the frumpiest outfit appear put together. A bonus is the price and it comes in 7 colours. This coat is definitely more of an Autumn/Spring coat. But hey I need one of those. 

Price:  £59.99
Shop:  H&M
Reason I like it:  More wintry. I love how cosy this coat looks while also emphasising the waist with the belt. I also love the unusual colour which goes with pretty much anything! 

So there's the selection of my favourite coats this season! Hoping I get the Miss Selfridge one especially for my birthday! 

Annie Rose XOXO

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