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18:00Annie Rose

Ok so I haven't done a Lust List in ages and personally these are some of my favourite posts to write and also to read. So on with the show. 


Leather Card Holder - £10 (x)

I'm going to uni in September and I have worked out that it would be a lot easier for me just to carry a card holder most of the time instead of my massive purse and this one is so cute.

Alice Bow - £13.90 (x)

Alice Bow insoles, which I sadly can't get a picture of, are my next needed thing for uni, mainly because I don't want my feet to die in high heels. Plus they come in really pretty colours. 

Polabora - Polaroids - 36 pictures, - £11.30 (x)

I already have a load of polaroids but I want a load more to take to uni because aren't they just super cute. I love them, especially printing super old photos onto them in black and white. I think they look great. 

ASOS Perfects Pointed High Heels - £45 (x)

I really need a good pair of heels and I have totally fallen in love with these! I love the unusual style of the heel and the way they look overall. 

JollyBrolly - £7.99 (x)

I'm obsessed with the fact that I need a dome umbrella. I don't know why but I need one. 

So who want's to buy me all this stuff? No one? Ok fine. I see how it is. 

Annie Rose XOXO

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