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The Girl On The Train || Review

18:00Annie Rose

It hit number one and stayed there. According to Amazon it's been in the top 100 chart for 125 days. Which means it must be good right? Well firstly no. We've all heard of 50 shades of Grey. Anyway luckily for you the book is pretty good.

Girl on the Train focuses on an unreliable alcoholic commuter. Her whole life is in tatters and she drinks. A lot. Oh and she's obsessed with her ex husband, who'd married to someone else. 

It's a thriller. So obviously the main plot point is a woman who goes missing. But actually as someone who lives near a train track and gets on the train with commuters it was fascinating to read because they've always fascinated me.

I have to say this book takes you on a real journey. Which you go through with three female characters. It's a fascinating read, there's always something being held back by the characters. I'd say it's fairly easy to read, once you get past the first small section, it pulls you in and I found I'd read half the book in two hours on a sun lounger. 

I'll be honest it's not the best crime thriller I've ever read, I'm a big fan of Tess Gerritsen so for me it didn't quite match up. It's a stand alone novel, you couldn't really pull much to make a sequel out of it which I quite like. It definitely feels like a satisfying conclusion. (You'll understand me if you've read it.) 

All in all I'd say it's pretty good, I'd give it 4 stars-ish. It's easy to read, interesting and the characters have a lot of depth to them which makes the story much more interesting. I'd recommend reading it if you haven't already. 

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Have you read it? Did you like it, hate it, love it? Let me know in the comments! 

Annie Rose XOXO 

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