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Clothes and Accessories || The Lust List

18:00Annie Rose

These are my favourite posts to read and to write. I love looking at what people want to buy even more than what they actually buy. There's just something fascinating about what they want to buy, why they haven't bought it yet and why they want to buy it. So on with the show or shopping list... Whatever.


Ok, I want everything from this shop and I mean EVERYTHING. If I could just kit out my whole wardrobe from one place it would be this one. I'd probably look a little too formal at times but you know I'd be ok with that. 

Printed Dress - £45.33 (x)  

I feel like this is a dress that makes you feel instantly confident in what you wear. The kind of dress that you walk out and feel like you could be in Italian vogue. That kind of dress.

 Cotton Embroidered Chiffon Dress - £62.72 (x)

Ok the price is a little much but, I feel this is my Audrey Hepburn dress. I feel like it just channels old Hollywood and Audrey Hepburn and I'm kind of in love with it. Sorry.

Multi-Layered Dress - £45.86 (x)

If I ever find an occasion to wear this I will dance a happy dance for about 5 hours straight. It's just so pretty. Can we talk about how pretty it is for a second. Just look at it. The detail. The everything. Someone buy me this dress!


Travel Card Holder and Mirror - £4 (x)

I really need a card holder for uni and this looks perfect! Especially with the mirror attached to make it easy to pull out of your bag. 

Parisian Lace Top - £20 (x)

I think this looks so cute for summer and paired with a pair of shorts on a summers day would look so lovely!

What have you been lusting after?

Annie Rose XOXO

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