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18:00Annie Rose

So like I said on Monday I went away last week for five days and obviously that means stuff needs to be packed. So here's how I plan what I pack, which bags it goes in etc. This is going to be fairly long so you might want to grab a snack and a drink.

Be Organised

I always start with a notebook and pen when I'm going away. About a month before hand I will sit down when I have some free time and write a list of all the stuff I want to take. Starting with Make Up.  I make a list of all the make up I like at the time and what I might need for the activities we're doing etc. Then I pull or add things when I actually pack if I don't need or want them.

Next I do make up brushes, hair care and body stuff as this will all pretty much go in the same place. I usually take a make up bag and then a separate wash bag but they're all cosmetic so they could be in the same one.

Plan, plan, plan.

Now I move onto clothes making a list of what I need and want to wear in the most efficient way possible. I went for 5 days. So I took with me 3 bottoms, four tops a thick cardigan and a sweatshirt. As well as fitness stuff. Then I laid out a few potential outfits to see what would work where. (You can do this whenever)

Then I plan my shoes last because I can co-ordinate colours with the clothes I picked. I took three pairs for the five days because we always do a variety of things while we're away including walking in quite muddy areas and shopping. So I took two pairs of boots (one heeled ankle and black chelsea boots) and my trainers.

I then plan what handbag I want to take and what needs to go in it. Basically anything I want for the car or plane or train or whatever. (I was in a car so no boarding passes or passports needed.)

I separately do electronics so that I know I have everything and finally do my night stuff such as pjs and pillows or whatever else I might want.


For this trip I took a small sports bag with an over shoulder strap, my laptop sleeve and my handbag. Somehow I managed to fit a massive pile of clothes into my bag as well as two pairs of shoes and a big bathroom bag. Which if you ask me comes from my expert packing skills.

My luggage is 47cm across and 20 cm tall.

Tip One: Always pack shoes last.

Tip Two: Pack bathroom stuff first. For me my bathroom bag can be slotted into the side of the main pocket so that gives me a smaller space to work with.

Tip Three: Fold everything as small as it will go.

Tip Four: Just move things around until it all fits, because it will. It's fabric. It will.

Tip Five: Use inside pockets for things like socks.

Hand Luggage

I'm calling it hand luggage for packing purposes. I put anything I need in a car or whatever in here. And anything that I'm worried might get damaged. So for example I put my phone charger, phone, headphones, books, notebook, 3DS, my make up bag, purse an umbrella and sunglasses. 

Annie Rose XOXO

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