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Reasons To Watch || Castle

18:00Annie Rose

I really enjoyed writing my last post of Reasons To Watch (you can read that here) and decided to do this as a series of all my favourite TV programmes. My favourite programme hands down is Castle. For lots of reasons and I mean A LOT OF REASONS. So here are just a few because it could get a bit long.

1. It's funny

2. It has a kick ass plot line

3. Adorable Writers/Producers who are married to each other

4. Actors who fangirl over the show

5. Pretty People

6. The character of Castle is just well...

7. The sexual tension on screen and off

8. It's really quotable

9. It will break your heart

10. and put it back together again

11. Nathan Fillion tho.

12. Seamus Dever

13. The Sub Plot will kill you

14. They all sing Piano Man

15. The Women of the Show are badass

There are plenty more reasons to watch the show. If you already do feel free to fangirl with me any time!

Annie Rose XOXO

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