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My Winter Coat Collection

18:00Annie Rose

I love a coat. In fact I often find myself getting coat envy. They're the style staple of Autumn (fall) and Winter along with a good pair of boots. Coats are the one thing that everybody needs and they need to look great. The most annoying thing when you've put effort into your outfit is to have to cover it up with an ugly coat. I've never understood the ugly coat.

 It might be warm.. but so are a lot of the pretty coats.

It might be practical... when isn't a coat practical I mean honestly that's just the stupidest thing you've ever said.

So this is my personal coat collection. I've been buying a new coat every year since I was 12. I'll be royally buggered for space when I hit 22. Anyway this is it. So far... P.s Please ignore embarrassing posing. It was raining and you know boredom....

 Ok this is my newest edition. It's a New Look coat that my lovely best friend bought me for my birthday. You can see and talk about how pretty she is here.

This is a warmish day coat. More of a windy day where it's still cold but not that cold. Those really annoying days. You don't need a scarf but you do need something a bit warmer.

It's also pretty. AND a bonus has pockets which neither of us thought it had... (don't ask!)

This is a military style Red Coat. New Look again. Very comfortable and very warm. I also love having a belt on my coats. I think especially with warmer coats, they can be fairly heavy and bulky if you're not careful which makes you look a lot bigger than you actually are. A belt means you can pull that waist in and emphasize your amazing hips.

I also love the colour of this coat. Mainly because I'm a huge fan of the red lip and it co-ordinates so nicely with that. HA. Who co-ordinates lipstick and coats you ask. I do. I'm not even sorry.

This is my Sherlock coat if you will. It was the coat I got at just 12 from Tammy (Does that shop still exist?) and I can honestly say I still wear it all the time. It's so comfortable and I find gives a little sophistication to the most dreary outfit.

My only problem with it at the moment is that some of the buttons are missing (tragic isn't it!) So once I've fixed that my coat will be perfect and good as new.

You can't beat a good sherlock coat. There's a reason someone as highly rational as Sherlock wears this kind of coat. They're super stylish and warm.

This is a coat I found in a charity shop locally. It was £6 and originally from TOPSHOP. I've never been so proud of myself. Totally brand new and the perfect coat for an occasion. I've worn this coat for a lot of more formal occasions for example a family wedding last
year. Which is the picture on the left. (Sorry George and Ben) Anyway I love this coat. It's not the warmest coat in the world but it's perfect for an occasion in need of a little sophistication.

 The Cosy Coat. This is my coat from New Look last year. It's probably the most comfortable and cosy thing in the world. The way it's designed means that the hood acts like a scarf when down and when up keeps your ears lovely and warm. This is pretty much my favourite coat for the cold weather. You literally can't beat it.

This coat is from H&M Young. I think it's actually sized at age 12. But it's been one of my longest serving coats if you will. It's perfect for that quick popping out or just an added warmth when you need to go somewhere.

I love the check pattern which gives an interesting take on a darker coloured coat. It's also a great coat just for being shorter. Sometimes a full length coat is too much. I find this particularly good for those days where the weather doesn't quite know what it's doing and swaps between

That's my coat collection so far. I hope you like it. Let me know what you favourite things are in a coat.

Annie Rose XOXO

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  1. Wow, what a collection! I especially love the Sherlock coat haha x


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