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TOPSHOP Black Joni Jeans || The Review

08:00Annie Rose

Ok I bought a pair of Black TOPSHOP jeans in August. Which has given me plenty of time to think about whether I love or hate them. How well they fit, how comfortable they are and if I like the colour.

Firstly what I will say is that at £36 you'd expect a decent pair of jeans. Which is what you get.

I personally love TOPSHOP jeans, in fact I have two pairs (let's not talk about what happened to the 3rd...) and I really want to buy some more.

The Joni jeans are a great fit for me, I love the ultra high waist which comes right up to my belly button meaning I can wear shorter tops and not show off my stomach (I hate that look on me) and I find they make my bum look great which is fantastic considering mine is pretty non-existent.

The fabric is super soft to the point that they don't actually feel like jeans. More like leggings. Which if you ask me is fabulous. A massive reason why I love TOPSHOP jeans so much.

However let's talk about colour. When I bought them the colour was perfect. An excellent pure black. But unfortunately they faded a lot, to the point where parts of the jeans actually started to look greyish and clearly a faded black. Which is just not good by any stretch of the imagination. So I dyed them, which has worked. But the point is I shouldn't have needed to go out and buy fabric dye because even though I followed all the care instructions after three months they had faded.

I have to say the only other jeans I've had from TOPSHOP have been light and dark wash blue jeans so I don't know if it's just an issue they have with colour, because it's never happened with my other jeans but what I will say is I think that you're much safer buying them in blue. Or if you want black jeans buying them elsewhere... (unless you want to dye them of course!)

Let me know how you feel about Topshop's jeans in the comments!

Annie Rose XOXO

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