Addict TV Sundays

Help! I'm addicted.

08:00Annie Rose

I am a self confessed TV addict. I have been for probably 4 years. When I say this, I'm genuinely not just being dramatic. I actually think about TV all the time and when I can't watch TV for whatever reason as soon as I can I do... 

I will also leave the TV on even when there's nothing to watch. I just won't turn it off. I don't like it being off. (Issues I know) I think about tv programmes when I'm talking to people or in certain situations and actually I think they've probably taught me a lot about a random scale of things. 

I have specific addictions though, almost like subcategories. I'm addicted to, Dr Who, Sherlock, Friends , Bones, Greys Anatomy, Rizzoli and Isles, The West Wing (current and most recent addiction), Downton Abbey and Castle. Always Castle. 

 I actually have a stupid number of TV box sets as well. In fact I own more TV box sets than I own films. Which I've watched an even stupider number of times. I've watched all my favourite progammes at least twice through. (I mean the entire thing, not just one series)

Are you a TV addict? I definitely am, and I'm not even sorry. 

Annie Rose XOXO

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