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Forever 21 Haul

08:00Annie Rose

Recently I had a birthday. I got money. What better way to spend birthday money than to buy more clothes, especially when you've cleared out half of them. So I went on the Forever 21 website and bought some stuff.

Floral Chiffon Sweatshirt 

Price: £11.50

I bought this top to brighten up my wardrobe because although I have some colour I don't feel I have enough, and especially not enough tops. Firstly I have to say I think this jumper is super cute for Autumn or spring or even some colder days in summer. The sweatshirt is fairly comfy and I think it's really pretty. So far I think it's value for money as pretty much everything from Forever 21 is.

Styled With: Like in the photo black jeans or a black skirt and tights and my black chelsea boots.

You can buy it here!

Faded Skinny Jeans

Price: £7.00
I bought these jeans cause who doesn't want another pair of jeans? I mean honestly. Anyway I find these jeans comfy and they're basically like TOPSHOP jeans but they feel far more like denim. I like them, I've been wearing them all day and they're super comfy. On another positive note they're £7.00 and you really can't beat that can you!

Styled With: Well pretty much anything. Tops and boots.

You can buy it here!

Striped Waffle Knit Cardigan

Price: £15.00
I love cardigans and especially over-sized ones in autumn and winter. I loved this cardigan because it looked cosy and the stripes made it a little bit more interesting. I've worn this all day too and I have to say I was right it is so cosy and I find it very comfy. At £15 I found it pretty reasonable in price and I'm fairly sure I'll get a lot of wear out of it.

Styled With: blue/black jeans and a plain white t-shirt or blouse (just like the photo aren't I creative)

You can buy it here!

Striped Boxy Tee

Price: £7.50
I worked out from clearing out my wardrobe that I needed a lot more tops to fill my wardrobe and what is better than a few basics. So I picked this super cosy t-shirt in a larger size than necessary so it's nice and loose and perfect for a casual day.

Styled With: High waisted black jeans and black chelsea boots. Or a  brightly coloured maxi skirt.

You can buy it here!

Lace Trim Top

Price: £14.00
This I loved because I adored the lace detail at the top of the top. It's also very comfy and looks gorgeous on. I think it's totally worth £14.00 and probably more so for that reason it's actually a bargain!

Styled With: Any pair of jeans and some boots for a more casual look or a pair of nude heels and a blazer to dress it up.

You can buy it here!

Bombshell Lace Cami

Price: £10.50
I thought this TOP (told you I needed some) would be cute for a night out and I loved the lace.

Styled With: High waisted Black jeans/skirt and a pair of nude/black heels.

You can buy it here!

Lace Black Slub Knit Top

Price: £9.50
Ok, I bought this in burgundy which they've apparently stopped doing since Friday when I ordered everything... I loved this because it's such a plain t-shirt at the front and really comfy. I was going for a lot of casual wear for Autumn because I really don't have a lot but I always end up dressing casual wear up anyway with a nice coat and a handbag.

Styled With: Blue jeans, a comfy cardi and chelsea boots, or even better without the cardi so that the back is really shown off.

You can buy it here!

So that's it! That's everything I bought from Forever 21 recently. Hope you like what I bought as much as I do! Have you found any bargains lately? Let me know in the comments!

Annie Rose XOXO

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  1. Wow what a beautiful lot of gorgeous clothes,i especially love the tops and the lace detail is fab,they are so cute,belated Happy Birthday Annie Rose xx

    1. Yes I love them! Thank you very much Hollie :) xx


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