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Shoes & Accessories Wishlist || Autumn 2014

08:00Annie Rose

So seeing as I had a lot of fun doing my winter coat wishlist I thought I'd make it a bit of a series, and do an Autumn Shoes & Accessories Wishlist. Like before the links to buying products will be the name. So on with the show.


'Do Nut Be Sad'  - Phone Case 

Price: £14
Shop: Sighh Designs

I adore these phone cases, I think they're so cute and original! They can be made to fit a range of different phones. This is my personal favourite case just because bad jokes make me laugh. Why not have a phone case that every time you look at it makes you laugh.

Lace Trim Ankle Socks

Price: 3 for £8 or £3.50

I will forever be in love with lace trim ankle socks. I love the look of them as well as the comfort of them! Wearing them with ankle boots is a definite for me this Autumn.

Whipstitch Satchel 

Price: £36

Tan bags are my favourite bags. That or black. I think they're the most versatile and the most useful. And this satchel is just too adorable not to want.


Price: £24.99
Shop: H&M

I already have this bag. In fact I bought it the first time I saw it in shops. At the end of August and I have to say I've been in love with it ever since. 

Wool Hat

Price: £14.99
Shop: H&M

I have always loved hats, but I've never had the confidence to wear them, so this season I aim to change that. So that I can look very Audrey Hepburn when I feel like it. 


Tan Check Lace Up Boots

Price: £29.99

Shop: New Look

I am currently at war (in my head) with New Look over these boots on the basis that they're really badly sized but oh so pretty. 

Black Chelsea Boots

Price: £24.99
Shop: New Look

I find that ankle boots and chelsea boots in particular go with everything and with the weather getting colder it's necessary to have some boots that go with everything. 

Patent Metal Bow Pumps

Price: £17.99
Shop: New Look

Flat shoes are always needed and unfortunately my crotchet shoes are no longer an option as the rainy days start to increase and wet leaves cover pavements. 

Annie Rose XOXO

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