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Which is the best Urban Decay Naked Palette?

08:00Annie Rose

As an owner of all three Naked Palettes I have been asked on numerous occasions by people which is my favourite or which is best to buy if you don't have the money nor the inclination to buy all three.  I am hopefully going to break it down for you so that it's a much easier choice of which to buy. 

NAKED PALETTE (The Original)

Packaging: Ok, the packaging is in my opinion nice, the velvety feel of the case makes it feel like a more luxurious product in my opinion. However, the nice velvety feel also means that dust sticks to it easily, the Gold lettering does start to wear off and the cardboard although mine hasn't broken can wear down! Not so good if you need it for travelling. The lid also just sits shut with the help of a magnet which is not so good if something gets in between and keeps it open!!

Colour choice: The choice of colours is pretty good. You have base colours, some gold and brown shimmery shades and two bluey/grey shades on the end.

Colour Use: I always use the matt brown shade Buck for my eyebrows. As well as half baked and smog if I want a basic gold/brown smokey eye. But I mostly don't use the Naked Palette I have to admit.

Colour Payoff: Pigmentation is fantastic and feel very smooth to put on.

Mirror: The mirror is much smaller than the others, seems a lot easier to crack because of the packaging. If you wanted to take this with you and not bring another mirror it would probably be quite annoying.

Brush: The brush is a simple single ended shadow brush. It's very soft and transfers the colour well.

Free Gift: Small primer potion. I find primer potion to be useless if I already have foundation or concealer over the eyelid. But some people swear by it! It is however a good size as an introduction to eye shadow primer with an easy application wand.

Use: I barely use my Naked Palette and mainly use it for my eyebrows and the occasional basic eye shadow look.

Overall Score: 9/10

NAKED 2 PALETTE (The Sequel) 

Packaging: Packaging on the Naked 2 is a far more improved version of the Naked 1. The packaging is metal therefore protecting the mirror, precious shades and brush. The seal is pretty much interior clips which you can see in the picture above the mirror and the gaps at the bottom where they clip in to. Making the whole thing much more secure and a lot less worrying.

Colour choice: There is a lot of colours to choose from with the Naked 2. As well as bringing back the most popular gold shade Half Baked, there are coppery brown tones, golds, greys and silvers as well as the two darkest shades a sparkly brown and a matt black. There are three matt shades which includes a very pale cream base shade, a brown crease colour which is good for blending and ofcourse the black which is brilliant for a smokey eye.

Colour Use: You can clearly make a number of combinations with this palette as there are more varieties in colour. You can do a smokey grey/black, a golden/copper smokey eye, or a brown smokey eye. Or just a basic one colour over the eyelid with the majority of the colours depending on mood.

Colour Payoff: Payoff is pretty similar to the Naked 1 if not slightly better. The black shade in particular gives a good colour and is very easy to blend .

Mirror:  The mirror is much better than the Naked 1 as its a lot bigger and seemingly clearer. However it isn't set into the packaging in the same way so could potentially come off if you're rough with it.

Brush: The brush is also better being double ended and soft. The shadow end is slightly smaller but still gives pretty good colour payoff and the other end is a crease brush. Which is especially handy if you're on the go and need a top up or have never bothered to buy a crease brush. Well now you have both!

Free Gift: Mini lip junkie lip gloss. This is also my favourite gift as it feels all tingly when its on. Although as with all lip glosses if you have long hair and there's wind it's going to stick!
Use: I use this palette the most out of the three because I find that it has the most colour combinations that I personally want. Especially as I have green eyes I mainly want gold/browns and I also really like the silvers. I use verve under the arch in my eyebrow as well as the inner corners.

Overall Score: 9.5/10

NAKED 3 PALETTE (The trilogy)

Packaging: Packaging is pretty similar if not the same as the Naked 2 palette, proving how successful it really is. Only this time the metal is pink and the writing has gone back to being a warm gold colour.

Colour choice:  This palette is pretty much pink. There's a pale peachy base colour, a powdery sparkly pink,  and they gradually get darker. With a couple of other shades which are more mauve like nooner and one copper/gold Trick. Finally the darkest shades are a sparkly brownish shade a more purple sparkly dark shade and a black colour with red glitter running through it.

Colour Use: The black blends nicely into a grey gives off a nice sparkle due to contrast in colour with the red glitter. However I find myself mostly using Buzz and Trick the two shades which are almost central as an everyday look which is more summery and bright.

Colour Payoff: I find payoff especially bad with Dust the second shade in but other than that it seems to be pretty good. The only thing to watch is the glitter does seems to drop more if you aren't careful when applying with a brush as it sticks less to brushes. But with fingers is very easy to apply.

Mirror:  The mirror is the same as the Naked 2 only seems better set into the packaging (that may just be mine)

Brush: The brush is a shadow and blending brush again being double ended and equally as useful as the Naked 2 palette as well as being just as soft.

Free Gift: Re-sealable primer samples. (One months worth of Primer in theory) This for me is the worst of the free gifts! I already have a primer which I rarely use from the Naked 1 and is a complete let down in my opinion in terms of use. Although you can sample each of their primer formulas and work out which is best for you.

Use: I used this for my prom make up. However I find that it's not so good if you can't reapply at some point as for me it comes off quite easily.

Overall Score: 9/10

Overall I would say it depends what kind of shades you're looking for. The Naked 2 is pretty much superior over the Naked 1, however dupes of both these palettes are easy to find. The Naked 3 palette is bringing a far different idea to the table with nearly all pink shades. So if you don't like pink or it doesn't suit your eye colour definitely don't buy this one!

Let me know which is your favourite! 

Annie Rose XOXO

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