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Chanel Nail Varnishes || The Review

08:00Annie Rose

Are Chanel nail varnishes worth £17.50? In short no. Sorry they aren't. I have tested out the red nail varnish for one week, and honestly I am seriously unimpressed in terms of staying power. Which is really sad as I love a lot of their other products.

They have a good range of colours and in terms of thickness the varnishes are worth it. They only take one or two coats in order to get a thick shiny coat which is good. They also dry very quickly which is a blessing especially if you hate waiting for an hour before you can move again without chipping or smudging your nails. So initially I was impressed.

After one week however my nails had seriously chipped. To the point where it appeared as if I had a really cheap nail varnish on. They started to chip after around a day which for the price they are is just not good enough. 

Do you like their varnishes? Do you agree?

Annie Rose XOXO

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